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i adopted my mother’s tiny little child-size guitar this weekend! I haven’t played any guitar since I was like 8, and even then it was only Stepping Stones that my brother taught me in a bid to try not to resent me so much.

I’ve had my first tinker and In spite of my complete inability to get a clear note when I have to like… press down on the fret (i blame the guitar) - I am able to just about - very slowly and very inaccurately - ‘perform’ Ode to Joy! Happiness has been achieved. 

now I just need proper lessons and commitment. All I want is to sit and strum and sing to myself.

so satisfying already

After dinosaurseatyourpeas brought it up, I’ve been pondering what are the most exciting things to have in your mouth, beyond macarons.

But I didn’t really get beyond ‘the entire cast of teen wolf’ and have been exploring the implications of that for while. Then I remembered hearing about this lady porn star a few years ago who was gunning for the like…. world record of how many men had consecutively boned her. she was so, so close to breaking the record but her fanny tore and had to stop.

I know it’s only the mouth but thinking of that poor fanny made me a little emotional and for the greater good, I would just have to soldier on through having teen wolf in my mouth.

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